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THE DNA LAB LTD a leading Molecular Diagnostics Laboratory doing various advanced testing using Real-Time PCR and Gene Sequencing techniques. A largest and most experienced private laboratory in Dhaka, Bangladesh, was founded in 2016.

Health Sector of Bangladesh is now in a passage of maturity and customer oriented. With the active initiatives of the Director General of Health Sector (DGHS) and other Regulatory Bodies, Health sector are now under close supervision in their operations and working in a technology based environment. This enabled the health sector to satisfy the people at large promptly ensuring their satisfaction. People are now much aware about health security and look for a place that offers that security. It is aspired that in near future, a considerable portion of the people so far being out of reach of formal health checkup activities will be benefited by availing services from among various test checkup service either directly or indirectly. Director General of Health Sector (DGHS) with its various people-friendly playing vital roles in strengthening the bondage between Health Sector and people.

I would also like to record my gratitude to the prudent Board of Directors of the laboratory for giving us due guidance and directives with their policies and various strategic decisions. My sincere thanks also go to my colleagues in the Management team and all employees of the laboratory for their active and dedicated services for the growth of the laboratory.